Se7en UxTheme Hexer

FileName: 7_UxTheme_Hexer_v0.2.7z
Size: 599 kb (613,214 bytes)
MD5: f5f117828af4ad2e4161d7035f5edf3e
Built: Nov 11, 2014, 07:07:06 AM
Downloaded 15,907 times

~ or Seven RTM 7600 x86/x64 only

Program written by: Fixit
Discussion at:XPtsp Board
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About this Program:

Se7en UxTheme Hexer was created because we wanted to include uxtheme patching in the 7tsp project.  From the hexing code for the project we also created a stand alone hexer.  This patcher hex edits your uxtheme dll's on x86 and x64 systems, to enable third-party themes support without removing the "Trusted Installer" permissions.

[changelog]11-Jun-2010, v0.2
added 3 command line switches in the following variations:
~"7UxThemeHexer /q" (quiet patch)
~"7UxThemeHexer /qr" (quiet restore)
~"7UxThemeHexer /q /reboot" (patch + reboot)
~"7UxThemeHexer /qr /reboot" (restore + reboot)
~"7UxThemeHexer ?" (type ? (or anything else) for info)

9-Jun-2010, v0.1
first release