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[smg id=23 width=100 type=full]7 Theme Source Patcher
We wanted a simple way to customize our complete Se7en OS, so we created 7tsp. Modifications can include icons, bitmaps, cursors, visual style, Start button, side panel, logon screen, sounds, fonts, task manager colors, copy animation colors, etc.

[smg id=19 width=100 type=full]XP Theme Source Patcher
The XP Theme Source Patcher application was designed to imProve the Graphical interface of Windows XP.  Some 370+ files have resources that this application replaces and/or modifies, and another 100+ files are simply replaced.  Images, animations and icons that have been extracted from Vista are included in the Green XPtsp theme.

[smg id=20 width=100 type=full]Drive Space Indicator
Drive Space Indicator changes the icons in My Computer for the drives that are attached the computer.  Each drive has a Progress bar indicating how full the drive is. The default Icon Theme is the Vista Theme. Courtsey of the Configuration GUI, update interval, drive trays, changing the Icon Theme, as well as many different options are available.

[smg id=22 width=100 type=full]Fixit Tools
We made some tools and add-ons that really don't fall into a specific catagory, so we made a section dedicated to all of this stuff...  These tools includes Fixit's Task Manager mods, personal res-patcher and the Windows File Replacer, as well as all of Dougiefresh's Windows XP add-ons.

[smg id=21 width=100 type=full]XP Live Bootscreen Patcher
Live Bootscreen Patcher for XP modifies the kernel files so that the bootscreen can be changed to show any 16-color (4-bit) image, either by integrating the modifications into the live system files or by integrating the modifications into a Windows install source.