Task Manager Modder

FileName: Task_Manager_Modder_v0.7.7z
Size: 1.1 mb (1,180,361 bytes)
MD5: d3bf34fb0ee270f03ea78f920bcde072
Built: Mar 06, 2011, 12:00:00 AM
Downloaded 26,497 times

~ Windows XP*, Vista or Se7en (* Remove your Windows CD and cancel any Windows File Protection Pop-Ups)

Program written by: Fixit
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How To Use It:

Here is a tool I wrote for the 7tsp project in edition to the 7 taskmanagermods.  With this tool the windows 7 Task Manager grids and lines can be customized with any color in 6 hex digits values, or just use the sliders fore some predefined colors (in any combination).

Se7en Task Manager Modder, hex edits taskmgr.exe to set the custom colors.

[changelog]6 March 2011 v0.7
~ Updated for sp1

27 Juli 2010 v0.6
~Minor script updates
~added the option to open a color Picker window for each hex value

22 Juli 2010 v0.5
~added support for the English Task manager on xp x86

14 Juli 2010 v0.4
~Minor script updates
~added Se7en Beta SP1 Support

"01 Juli 2010 v0.3
~Added XP SP3 x86 support