Se7en File Replacer

FileName: Se7en_File_Replacer_v1.5.4.7z
Size: 466 kb (476,736 bytes)
MD5: 9edb5669ef4c6451c529061fa043cbc7
Built: Apr 21, 2011, 03:18:19 PM
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~ Windows XP*, Vista or Se7en
(* Remove your Windows CD and cancel any Windows File Protection Pop-Ups)

Program written by: Fixit
Discussion at: XPtsp Board
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About this Program:

System modders need to take ownership of a system file before it can be replaced..  To make this process a little less time consuming I wrote a small program that does these tasks for you... This program will, backup the OLD file, save the ownerships, take Admin Ownerships and replace it with the NEW dragged or manually selected system file to finally restore the ownerships back to how they were found.  It does this in just a few seconds!

Normally when a file is replaced the file's ownerships are changed and the "TrustedInstaller" permissions will be gone.  However, the Se7en File Replacer will save all file permissions of the file before replacing it and after replacement restores them back to how the Replacer found them!! (even TrustedInstaller if the file had them to begin with)

The Replacer will first look in the "system32" folder for a match with your NEW dragged file if the OLD file is found it will be backed up and replaced without prompt, otherwise you will be asked to select it manually in a file open dialog box.

(Note for x64 users: please don't drag SysWOW64 files as they will be placed in the system32 folder, use the manual function instead!)

The manual option will let the user select a new file first and then select the old file which needs to be replaced.  With this function any file in any location can be replaced.

Please only use the option to restore the "TrustedInstaller" ownership of a system file on a file if u know it originally had the "Trusted Installer" permissions.

It's just an .exe and nothing will be installed.  I've added some extra options like: 
~ "clear icon cache" to refresh your icons
~ a "sfc /scanfile" option to select and restore a single file via the Windows File Protection service easily.

WARNING: Use is at your own risk!
This tool is to replace un-owned system files.
Be careful not to use this if you don't know what you are doing..
This can and will break the system if corrupted system files are used to be replaced!

v1.5.4 - 28-Aug-'10
~Small script fixes
~Improved the file replace code for non English systems
v1.5.3 - 20-Jun-'10
~small bug fixes
~Better x64 support
~*.mui files are now also supported to be replaced in sub folders of system32 as well as syswow64.(manual)
~Updated the restore "TrustedInstaller" ownership function, to also restore the "SYSTEM" and "Users" permissions back to default read and execute only.
v1.5.2 - 17-Jun-'10
~Added a few checks to try to detect "syswow64" files and warn the user if one is dragged to be replaced in the "system32" folder
v1.5.1 - 15-Jun-'10
~Added the option to restore the "Trusted Installer" permissions back to a selected file,
and restore the administrators ownerships to "read" and "read and execute" only" to the extra menu!
v1.5  -  10-Jun-'10
~Added x64 support for windows seven!!
~Added a menu to the program with extra functions
~Added SFC /scannow to the menu to scan/restore your complete system
~Added SFC /scanfile to the menu to scan/restore a single selected file
~Auto detects running .exe files and closes and restarts them automatically now
~Added the option to refresh your icon cache
~Added the option to make a quick Restore Point
~Added "reboot system" to the menu
~Major scrip fixes and updates
~When replacing a file the current file ownerships of a file are now restored back to how they were found
~All files can now be replaced on the spot!! e.g. shell32.dll etc. (I left the replace on next reboot option in for those who might still need it,
but for Vista/Seven it is not recommended to use it for system files because it will not restore the file ownerships)
v1.4  -  14-Apr-'10
~Added the option <font color="red">"Delete a file"</font>, this will be done on next reboot
~Added optional direct reboot when on reboot is checked
~Minor script fixes and updates
~Added extra tool-tips
~Relocated the buttons a bit
~Updates to latest autoit
v1.3  -  3-Feb-'10
~Added the option to replace any file on next reboot
~<font color="red">Important</font> bug fix in the manual function!!
~Manual function back to fully manual
~Small appearance change

v1.2  -  1-Feb-'10
~Minor script fixes
~Small appearance changes
~Shell32.dll will now be replaced at reboot. Experimental!! (tnx Dougiefresh)

v1.1  -  30-Nov-'09
~Minor script fixes
~Added some checks
~Manual now also looks in system32 first
~Repositioned the drag window more left and up
~Window now stays on top for easier file dragging.

v1.0  -  28-Nov-'09
~First release