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"It's all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back."

- Mick Jagger

XP Theme Source Patcher: The Project

- 32-bit Windows XP (Home, Pro, Corporate, MCE or Tablet PC)
- Gold or any Service Pack (SP1 thru SP3) 

What This Program Does

The XP Theme Source Patcher application was designed to improve the Graphical interface of Windows XP. Some 370+ files have resources that this application replaces and/or modifies, and another 100+ files are simply replaced. Images, animations and icons that have been extracted from Vista are included in the Green XPtsp theme package.

Some tools are used, for without these tools, this application could not exist. The most used tool is Resource Hacker, which is used to replace resources in the system files. The modified CABLITE.DLL by Code65536 is also included and is responsible for all CAB manipulation. MKISOFS is included in order to create ISO images for the user.

The patcher can also install optional components, such as:
- Windows Vista wallpaper (top screenshot on right)
- Vista screensaver
- an Aero-like visual style (bottom screenshot on right)
- Vista's Segoe UI and Segoe Media Center Light fonts
- Drive Space Indicator to change drive icons
- Windows Vista Aero cursors and fonts
- CAD2009 to emulate Vista's CTRL-ALT-DEL screen
- Visual ToolTip 2.2 to create Vista-like window previews
- QT Tab Bar v1.2.2 and QT Address Bar v0.9.6 to emulate Vista's address bar.
- TransBar to adjust the transparency of the Start Menu
- True Transparency to make the window borders transparent
- UberIcon to perform different icon effects when clicked
- ViStart for a clone of Vista's Start Menu
- WinFlip v0.50 to create an clone of the Aero interface

3rd-party programs can be removed seperately from the patcher application.

Experimental Support (*) Available for:
- Windows 2000 Professional
- Windows XP 64-bit Professional
- All Editions of Windows 2003

Windows Vista wallpaper

Aero-like Visual Style

Snapshots taken using Green theme.

* NOTE: "Experimental Support" means that OS support is still in the testing phase and may or may not work as expected.

Windows Vista and Seven are incompatible with this application, as the resources in Vista and Seven are substantally different from 2000/NT/2003. However, Se7en Theme Source Patcher is available to perform patching specific to Windows Seven.

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