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[smg id=12 width=100 type=full]Seven File Replacer
System modders need to take ownership of a system file before it can be replaced..  To make this Process a little less time consuming I wrote a small Program that does these tasks for you...  This Program will, backup the OLD file, save the ownerships, take Admin Ownerships and replace it with the NEW dragged or manually selected system file to finally restore the ownerships back to how they were found.  It does this in just a few seconds!

[smg id=17 width=100 type=full]Task Manager Modder
Here is a tool I wrote for the 7tsp Project in addition to the 7 Task manager mods.  With this tool the windows 7 Task Manager grids and lines can be customized with any color in 6 hex digits values, or just use the sliders for some predefined colors (or in any combination).

[smg id=15 width=100 type=full]Copy Delete Animation Modder
With this tool the copy/delete/move animations in Windows 7 can be customized by choosing three colors (any hex value) for the background gradient and an additional color for the font.  You can also use a colorpicker to choose your colors and a preview will show you your results.

[smg id=24 width=100 type=full]7 OEM Edit
With 7 OEM Edit you can edit your OEM Information shown in the Windows Properties panel.

[smg id=16 width=100 type=full]Folder Frenzy
Folder Frenzy is a small tool that helps you create new folders.  The names that the folders should have can be typed or pasted into the list box.  Each folder name should be entered on a new line.  There is also a build in list creator which creates a specified numbers of folders (max 1000) with 'your name'(*). The folders will be created in the folder the Program runs from, you can specify another location by typing the full path in the list box.