Author Topic: [Add-On] Modified Task Manager add-ons  (Read 3225 times)


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[Add-On] Modified Task Manager add-ons
« on: Nov 17, 2011, 03:34:32 PM »
These Task Manager add-ons were inspired by the XPtsp Project.  The following screenshots were taken off a XP Home install with the specified Task Manager Program running....

[noquote][fileinfo]Doug_TaskMgr_Blue_AddOn.7z[/fileinfo][/noquote][smg id=341 width=208]

[noquote][fileinfo]Doug_TaskMgr_Green_AddOn.7z[/fileinfo][/noquote][smg id=342 width=208]

[noquote][fileinfo]Doug_TaskMgr_Purple_AddOn.7z[/fileinfo][/noquote][smg id=343 width=208]

[noquote][fileinfo]Doug_TaskMgr_Red_AddOn.7z[/fileinfo][/noquote][smg id=344 width=208]