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7 Theme Source Patcher GUI v 0.4 Build(2015)
« on: Nov 22, 2014, 09:12:54 AM »
Se7en Theme Source Patcher

We wanted a simple way to customize our complete Se7en OS, so we created 7tsp.
The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with a resource pack.

[smg id=40 type=full]

There are 7tsp Color Packs in development and available for download.

the Se7en theme source patcher has been built from scratch, including the new res files and modifications from the Official 7tsp Packs

FileName: 7tsp_GUI_v0.4_B(2015).exe
Size: 4.1 mb (4,319,332 bytes)
MD5: 750d9231597bcffeebd26771c2c22498
Built: Feb 01, 2015, 06:04:44 PM
Downloaded 60,825 times

Please install the latest version of reshecker with x64 support.
(7tsp will first look for it in the "Program Files\Resource Hacker\"  folder to use it for the patching of resfiles)

More Customs (user contributed) 7tsp Packs can be found here

How To Use 7tsp

What happens to your system files:
1. If Start patching is pressed the patcher will extract the selected resource pack to the work folder and look for each system file this pack will mod,
   making a backup of those files if a backup does not yet exist. If windows updated a file the backup will be updated as well.
2. The file ownerships of a file are stored and then administrator ownerships are taken.
3. The file will be patched with the new resources and replaces the original file.
4. a check is done to see if the new file is actually there and the file ownerships will be restored as they were before.

More to come...

to do:
~Add task manager color change support
~Add copy/delete animation color change support
~Add more detailed start button support
~Add GUI language support
~Add Uxtheme hex support
~Add extra sounds + sound schemes install support
~Add install new Fonts support
~Add more res file support for other file locations then windir and sysdir when they are needed.

change log:

1 Feb 2015 v0.4 Build 2015
~Added the option to start patching from Program menu
~Added some GUI skins which can be set from 7tsp menu
~Disabled some settings not (yet) supported on win8+
~Added check to see if there is enough free disk space left for patching
~Fixed bug where pack.ini could not be found on systems with with special characters like "&" or spaces in the username
~Major patching speedup for shell32.dll and imageres.dll
~Improved cleanup code

7 Jan 2015 v0.4 Build 2015 RC1
~Added oemedit to the misc section, and the ability to add OEM Information changes to a custom pack (on request by Robi450)
~Fixed iexplorer bug on x64(caused by reshacker breaking x64 dll files, bru patcher now patches those files)
~Fixed bug when clicked on program / Extra / 7tsp menu, patching process would freeze
~Fixed bug regedit would not change on x64
~Fixed uxpatch X86 and X64
~Fixed uxpatch reminder while "install visual style" was disabled in the options menu
~Fixed a bug that some dialog windows would not always refresh
~Added lots of new file locations (on request by Robi450)
~Added check for latest reshacker version
~Added 2 extra checks to see if restore point creation is disabled in windows settings (hopefully this bug wont appear AGAIN :S )
~Fixed a bug when patch timedate.clp was disabled in options menu, "wmplayer.exe.res" got deleted
~Fixed speech folder ownership bug
~Trusted installer ownership is now properly restored (forced for all system files)
~Updated 7za to latest version
~Added the new file locations to the restore function
~Fixed replace at reboot code for locked files
~And lots of script updates/fixes

5 Feb 2011, V0.3 Build 3002
~ Small script updates
~ Added recognition for sidebar.exe.res
~ file Patch/restore speedup
~ Added recognition for wmplayer.exe.res
~ Added multiple theme install from the extra folder (on "multiple" user requests)
~ updated the German language file (tnx Heebijeebi)
~ Fully enabled patch from backup option
~ Enabled Download/enable Black Gl* Enhanced option (Thnx Curiouso9 for his permission!)

15 Okt 2010, V0.3 build 3001
~ Fixed the font install code
~ New GUI background (thx Kirs)
~ updated mui file patch support
~ Lots of scrip updates and bug fixes
~ Shifted buttons and options around
~ Rewrote the complete translation code
~ Added better menu start button support
~ Updated selected pack preview function
~ Removed internal resources from the GUI
~ Added the option to restore the uxtheme files
~ GUI language can now also be manually chosen from the 7tsp menu
~ Detects if uxstyle core is running to auto skip ux file patching
~ A bitmap can now also be used for the copy/delete animations in stead of gradient colors
~ Updated the logonui preview function to better reflect how it will look like after patching
~ The restore button will now open a "Restore Menu" where all restore methods can be selected
~ Made more things optional, like the visual style, wmp skin, timedate cpl, sounds install, font install....     
~ Fixed a bug where logonui did not change when a "logonUI changer" has been used
~ basebrd.dll.res can now be added for home Pro and ultimate
(Extra\basebrd\basebrdhome.dll.res and basebrdPro.dll.res and resources\basebrd.dll.res for the ultimate or universal bitmaps)

23 August 2010, build 2005
~updated the "must reboot" check

14 August 2010, build 2004
~Added support to modify the Copy/move/delete animation colors (known limitation: the green glow on the moving folders is not changeable)
~Added mui file support for the system32\en-US\ folder (at the moment English only)
~Added support for .cur cursors and cursor scheme install

26 July 2010, build 2003
~Added support to install new fonts
~Added support to install new sound files
~Added support to install new Sound schemes
~Bug (on x64 only) fixed in the restore function

7 July 2010, build 2002
~Minor script fixes and updates
~written a fail safe to replace still locked files on next reboot(also for the restore function)
~added code to the cleanup script to restore ownerships for files replaced at next reboot
~Wrote an installer/uninstaller for the 7tsp GUI (still very boring but functional)
~Added start menu buttons to explorer.exe.res in the Basic packs (tnx to Kirs for making the buttons)

30 June 2010, Build 2001
~ GUI updates and fixes.
~ GUI is now translatable and currently available in English, French and Dutch.
~ GUI appearance has changed (nothing permanent).
~ All folder icons are removed from the internal pack. A Black pack has been made to replace these folders.
~ Color packs are updated (not perfect yet lol).
~ Task Manager Color Hexing can be set in the pack.ini.
~ Removed the GUI sound.

11 June 2010, Build 1010
~ Bug fixed when system restore is disabled in windows (thanx to Jatin Beniwal for reporting).
~ Added SFC /scannow and /scanfile to the Program menu to restore the complete system or a single file via windows file Protection.

8 June 2010, Build 1009
~ Added support to use a custom .theme file and folder in a pack.
~ Added the option to hexedit UxTheme.dll while patching to support 3rd party themes.

26 May 2010, Build 1008
~First public beta release[/changelog]

Have Fun!

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Re: 7 Theme Source Patcher GUI v 0.4 Build(2015)
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so preety love it